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EIDNet Services

County of Newell's First Internet Provider.

Available Internet Plans

Unlimited high speed internet, so you can surf, game and stream, the way you want!!!

Available Internet Plans

Installation Charge:
$300.00 + $15.00 G.S.T.

In order to qualify as a Water User, you are required to own land with irrigation acres or terminable acres recorded on Assessment Roll of the Eastern Irrigation District.

Acreages with Rural Water Use or Household Purposes Aggreements DO NOT qualify for the discount.

$65.00 / Month
9 Mbps Download
3 Mbps Upload
Unlimited data
$80.00 / Month
20 Mbps Download
4 Mbps Upload
Unlimited data
Super UT (Up To)
$110.00 / Month
Up to 50 Mbps Download
Up to 10 Mbps Upload
Unlimited data
Giga-net where available
$110.00 / Month
UP to 1 Gbps Download
Up to 1 Gbps upload
Unlimited data
Super Office
$300.00 / Month
50 Mbps Download
10 Mbps Upload
Unlimited data
Special Pricing and Accounts are available
for Water Users.

Business Plans
Need faster plans for your Business? At the EIDNet we also provide custom Internet solutions. Call us at 403-362-1401 and we will help you create an Internet plan that fits your needs!!!

About The EIDNet

Providing you with Fast, Reliable and Affordable Internet because we know how much you depend on it!

About The EIDNet

Welcome to the world of EIDNet fixed wireless internet. Whether you are a small family, or a big business, we pride ourselves on being able to provide the internet service you need at a price you can afford. We are a local wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) that services the County of Newell and all the cities, towns and Hamlets within it. We are based out of the Eastern Irrigation District’s

main office in Brooks Alberta and branch out through the country side using our own network of 18 towers. All of our services are dispatched locally so we can act and react promptly and efficiently to all of our customers’ needs. Our priority is our internet customers and we even answer our own phone. That’s right, no 1-800-can’t-help-you line for us, our friendly and knowledgeable technical staff all live in the community

and have over 65 years of combined internet experience. Don’t want to take our word for it? Ask your neighbours, one of them probably is using one of our plans right now. We are also the only local WISP to have truly unlimited internet usage and guaranteed speeds on all of our service plans. The EIDNet was the area's first internet provider in 1995 and we are still going strong after 23+ years. Call us TODAY and ask how we can help YOU!

Contact The EIDNet

We have provided a number of ways to contact our Local Customer Care team. You can use Telephone, Email and Regular Mail.

  • Live Customer Care Center
  • EIDNet Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm (MST)
  • After Hours, Saturdays, Sundays and Statutory holidays please leave a message.
    One of our local customer service representatives will call you back.

  • EIDNet
  • P.O. Box 128
  • Brooks, Alberta, Canada
  • T1R 1B2
Or come visit us at 550 Industrial Road West in the Eastern Irrigation District Building.
We are located halfway between the Centennial Regional Arena and Sunnylea.
We are more than happy to take care of all your Internet needs!!!